Stripling Wonders is a new resource for our growing Warriors in Primary. We are a husband and wife team who work together not only as business partners but also Primary Teachers. When trying to come up with ideas for our new venture, we remembered how difficult it was helping our own young warriors be reverent and focused during Sacrament meetings. We decided we would create unique activity color pages made specifically for that purpose. Since we also recognized a need to help parents prepare their children for their primary classes, we decided to have the pages coincide with the Come, Follow Me lessons.

When you purchase your membership on our website, you will have instant access to the download page attached to your membership level. You will be able to log into your account whenever you want from any computer or device to get your files. The individual pages are PNG files and can be downloaded and printed. The complete Reverence Packs are PDF documents and should be opened, viewed and printed in Adobe PDF reader. If you don’t already have that or the version you have is old you can always get the most recent version HERE. You can log in to your account by clicking the login/register button in the top navigation menu on our site.  When you purchase a membership on our site, nothing will be mailed or shipped to you, nor are they emailed to you. Downloading the files is required in order to get them. Logging in to download your files is always required.

While working with customers we have discovered that almost all of our printing issues are due to using a different PDF reader other than Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader which is free and the most universal PDF reader. Once downloaded almost all issues are immediately solved. If you are finding that margins are being cut off in the printing process, simply check the box “fit” in the Adobe printer dialogue box. Also make sure the settings on your actual printer are set to US letter or anything else using standard 8.5×11 sized paper.
If you are already using Adobe and your file won’t print or specific pages in the file won’t print then don’t worry.  This is a problem within Adobe and Adobe has an easy fix for you:

  • click the File menu at the top left in Adobe and then click Print. This will pull up the Adobe print screen.
  • from the Adobe print screen click the “advanced” button.
  • then check the box that says, “print as image”.
  • then print.

This usually fixes most issues within Adobe and will be worth a try even if you are experiencing a different type of problem.
You could also open the PDF in your web browser and print it from there if you don’t want to change the “print as image” setting in Adobe.
If you are still having issues please contact us.

Due to our resources being allocated to designing and creating new pages, we must charge an extra fee for custom work requests. Please feel free to contact us for a design request.

Our files are for personal, non-commercial use only. You may print as many of the pages as you want, so a single purchase could serve a group of unlimited sized if you are willing to print a copy for each person. You cannot give away the digital file, only your prints. You cannot sell your prints or use them for any other promotional purpose.

All our items are our original works, creations and methods and are all legally protected by copyright law. Because our ideas, items, and creations are original, they are unique to our website and products. Copying our ideas or products and either selling what you made or giving it away is against copyright law. Simply recreating what we have done with a slightly different look or font does not mean you have an original product. That is considered a derivative product from ours and is legally protected under our copyright. We encourage others to create things that are unique to their own websites and products. Please do your research and study copyright law in understanding what is appropriate and legal to create for your personal business. Elder Bednar in his talk titled “To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood” talked about respecting intellectual property, “Our messages should respect the property of other people and organizations. This simply means that you should not create your own content using someone else’s art, name, photos, music, video, or other content without permission.”

We draw our own artwork. While our pages may contain text, scripture, and ideas from the Come, Follow Me curriculum, our products do not go through the Church’s curriculum department and are not officially provided by the Church. We provide a statement saying that we are not an official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which can be found on the bottom of our home page. To visit the Church’s official website please visit www.lda.org.


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If you are interested in Reverence Packs that no longer appear on your subscription page, just Contact Us and let us know. We can send them to you for a small fee, depending on how many you want.